Mobidex – The 3D printable Pokédex for your mobile phone


I was out catching Pokémans last week when it dawned on me.. Our phones have technically become functioning Pokédexes. If childhood me could see adult me right now, they’d be in complete disbelief. At 30 y/o, I’m walking around a park with friends, catching Pokemon, on my phone (you know, that hand-held computer we all carry in our pockets), functioning as a Pokédex. …

A-kon 26 (2015)


HEADS UP! For those venturing to this site from A-kon… I still need to update it with the BMO and other misc project/cosplay build blogs. They will be added soon tho so stay tuned! Credit/contact info for BMO build: Design, modeling, print, & assembly all done by Krissy Heishman. Special thanks to James Koffeman of PolyPrinter for his help.